Reading and Writing

“I want to thank Improve Your English for helping my son improve his English. My son's tutor is very professional, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable in all subject areas he teaches. My son loves his one-to-one session and always raves about how challenging and engaging the session was. He has learned a lot from the interactive, thoughtful discussion and many helpful homework assignments. His vocabulary, reading, and writing skills have all improved greatly. I feel lucky we found Improve Your English and strongly recommend its English tutoring service to any student who wants real results, dedicated attention, and commitment.”
--Kevin Wang, San Jose, California

“My son has been working with Dr. Wilson for two years. He and I are both so happy and really appreciate Dr. Wilson's great skill working with teenagers, vast knowledge, and sense of humor. My son recently took the SSAT. He scored in the 98th percentile on reading and the 94th percentile on verbal. Other than boosting his scores, the biggest help from Dr. Wilson was teaching my son writing. The SSAT writing is not scored and not yet commonly practiced in middle school. I saw my son's writing improve from zero knowledge to being comfortable with any topic on SSAT writing test. Thank you so much, Dr. Wilson and Improve Your English!”
--Q.O., Foster City

“I was the only student in my high school English class to score 100% on a difficult grammar test. Thanks! ”
--R. K., San Jose

“I owe Improve Your English some big thanks. My teacher told me that he's given a particular grammar test - the same test - for the last 10 years. During those years, only 7 people have scored 100%. I am one of those 7 people.”
-- Patrick Y., Grade 7, Los Altos

“I want to thank you for being such a wonderful English tutor. When I first came to you, I knew almost nothing about grammar and reading. However, after the past two years with you, my skills in writing and critical reading have improved drastically. You taught me how to truly read a book through analyzing and connecting words rather than simply skimming over them. You have truly made a lasting impression on me because you have taught me skills that I will be able to implement for the rest of my life.”

“Our son is paying more attention to his school work and grades. He moved up in core and was encouraged. Every time he got a compliment from you, he was excited to tell us too. He wants to improve more!”
--Grace, Cupertino

“Thank you! I already see progress in our son’s writing. Previously, his words were so few and far between.”

“Our son and daughter really enjoy learning from you. Our son always receives nice comments from his teachers about his good writing skills. I thank you for guiding him in the right direction for the past four years. ”
--Young K., Palo Alto

“I have noticed my son’s progress and motivation. His writing has improved a lot (writing was very difficult for him when we met at the first class). Now, most of time, he finishes his homework with little reminding. He likes the way you teach. Thank you very much for your hard work!”

“I took several reading classes first semester of college, and I had a great time. I frequently find myself using some of the techniques you taught me: mostly trying to draw a picture of what is actually going on, and imagining what the author is really saying using visuals. This technique forces me to pay attention and not mindlessly "read". I think one of the most important things I remember you teaching me was the day before the SAT, you encouraged me keep my self criticism at bay while learning. I was lucky to hear that advice from you at a young age.”
--David Z., Regent’s Scholar, Engineering Department, UC Berkeley

“I really appreciate all your hard work with our daughter. We have been trying for years to get her to stay focus[ed]. I think she is slowly maturing. And with your steady hand, she has made very good progress, and hopefully she can continue to improve. She responds to you well. I think your understanding, your friendliness as well as your stern and clear expectation make her realized that she must perform. She said that your drilling on the outline made her thinking about it almost automatically now. This is amazing... ”
--Y. H.

“I just wanted to thank you for your helping me in Literature this year. I just got my final grades back today and I got an A in on the final and an A in the class.”
--G. S., Los Altos

“A bit late, but ever so sincere, Happy Thanksgiving; thank you for being my English helper and role model for study habits, proper grammar, and for helping me understand what really matters in life. Some of our discussions have transcended every day grammar, punctuation, essentially English talk, and have included topics about music, life, and stuff outside the general "be a good kid and get good grades" topics. So, thank you for that. You have opened my eyes with some of our philosophical discussions and analysis of Literature. Literature harbors the greatest goldmine for human understanding - that and music, of course; you have shown me knowledge in both.”
--Shishir R., Cupertino

“With Dr. Wilson's help, my daughter's reading, writing skill and vocabulary level increase dramatically, and she did very well in her high school entry tests.
I will certainly recommend this service, especially Dr. Wilson!”

--Michelle H., Cupertino

Test Prep

“As someone who hates standardized testing, I had always thought of the SAT as a pain, a weary obstacle that had to be scaled because there exists a vague thing called "college." But as I prepped for the SAT at Improve Your English, I realized that there was something big, something monumental, occurring in my education.

I had always been a "reader," at least by the strict definition of the word. Piling books higher and higher, I had viewed journeys through literature in a purely quantitative sense. I would happily finish a volume and check off another "important" book read. More pages, more miles—this is what reading is all about, right?

But during my test prep, I finally learned to read in the imaginative sense. To borrow a Shakespearean phrase, I learned to read with my mind's eye. Every word, every description became a world inside my head. Truly, learning to read and absorb literature in such a manner has fundamentally changed my ways as a student. The text, previously black and white upon printed paper, leapt outwards into my reality.

So for me, SAT test prep wasn't so much a tool for success on the SAT, but a transformation in the way I understood the English language.”

--S. L., 2400, Harvard University

“Our daughter got a 800 on writing for her SAT score that came out last night. Just want to share the good news and say thank you to her teacher.”

“I participated in your spring 2013 SAT English class. Although I didn't take the SAT (I took the ACT instead), I wanted to let you know that I scored a 36 on the English section, a 34 on the reading section (I only missed one question, but the curve was tough... *:( sad ), and a 34 on the writing section.

I owe my high scores to you and Improve Your English. Thank you so much for everything.”

--M. C.

“SAT results came in this morning. Our daughter did well on both reading and writing section. We believe that her Saturday English tutoring and summer SAT review was really helpful in this endeavor. So - a big thanks to you guys. [800 reading, 790 writing]”
--Y. K.

“Before taking the lesson from Ann, my son's SAT writing was below 500; last year, he scored 800. Now he is a National Merit Semifinalist, which is mostly determined by English skills. Ann also helped him in many other areas, such as U.S History and getting into top summer camps. ”
--Randy Y., Cupertino

Student SAT Course Evaluations

“This was my third SAT prep class. My previous classes mostly worked on taking practice exams. This class had a good mix of teaching me actual skills. Getting detailed feedback on essays was very helpful.”
--Kevin S., Senior

“This class taught me to look for details in the grammar questions and the reading passages that I normally wouldn’t look for. I would recommend this class to another student because the class made me feel confident and helped improve my SAT-taking skills.”
--Julia C., Freshman

“We really dissect SAT questions so that students can grasp their errors and discern right from wrong answers.”
--Ashley W., Junior

"Really productive and helpful teaching. Fun but serious."
"Grammar, vocab, and reading were all very helpful."
"Great class. It helped me learn more English and prep for the SAT!"
"Helps your English not only for the SAT but for school also."
"Good readings!"
"Very fun way to start my summer!"
"The course greatly improves all aspects of writing and critical reading on SAT."
"You are amazing."

--Student Evaluations

College Admissions

Thanks so much for helping me with everything!! I'm so happy :)”

--Amy S., Los Altos

“I hope you still remember this De Anza college student. Well, after taking your course, I ended up not taking any SAT exam, for I no longer want to study at NYU. Instead of moving to the East, I decide to stay in California and attend a university here. Thanks God, I am recently admitted to the University of Southern California. Of course, part of my success comes from the long hours training with you during those hot-to-death afternoons. Thus, I just want to say thank and wish you luck with everything, especially with your teaching path!”
--Hoang T.

Contest Writing

“Just wanted to tell you that the Scholastic Awards results came out and that I received two gold keys (Coffee Stains on a Blue Morning, (anchors) ), a silver key (Fleeting Everlasting), and an honorable mention (An Hour at the Happiest Place on Earth). These four pieces are all ones you've worked with me on, and I sincerely believe I owe it all to you. Without your insightful advice and direction, these awards would never have been possible. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful support and guidance in my creative writing endeavors, and I really hope I can work with you again in the future (as soon as my extracurricular schedule calms down).”
--Margaret. Z.


“Yesterday, I received an email from Cornell-Queen’s MBA program. Yes! My application was accepted. This is amazing outcome! Honestly speaking, I did not expect to hear the good news because the level of the program is way too high for me. A long time has passed since I knocked on the door of IYE to pursue my goal. I thank you for your persistent support to improve my English skills. Without your support, it would be impossible for me to get such a good result. I could not imagine that the day comes for me to study for an Ivy League MBA.”
--Hiroshi Ishikawa


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