Why Grammar?

Public and private schools have stopped teaching formal grammar. Some schools claim to teach grammar but in fact teach very little. Almost no school gives students regular grammar tests. The consequences for student writing have been disastrous.

Consistent Verb Tense
Many students can’t identify the verb in sentences. Their writing jumps from tense to tense, confusing the reader.

Subject-Verb Agreement
Most students can’t identify prepositional phrases and other common modifiers. Their writing has errors in subject-verb agreement.

Most students can’t identify sentences, clauses, and phrases, so they cannot use commas, semicolons, or colons properly.

Sentence Variety
Most students don’t understand adverb clauses, adjective clauses, appositives, gerunds, participles, infinitives, and absolute phrases. As a result, they write boring paragraphs.

Fortunately, IYE is here to help. As your children learn grammar and practice writing essays, their writing will improve, and they will gain confidence.


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