The SAT: Last Pieces of Advice

The week before the test

  1. Review vocab up until three days before the test, but don’t try to learn new words

  2. Take one full-length practice test on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday before the test

  3. On the Thursday and Friday before the test, stop studying; focus on sleeping at least eight hours a night.

  4. Keep physically active; walk, jog, go to sports practice, etc.

  5. Make no assumptions about where the test will be held:
  6. 5.1. Read your ticket and look up the location of your testing venue.
    5.2. If you’ve never been to the test site before, drive there to see how long the trip takes.

  7. Keep your life simple:
  8. 6.1. Don't get your braces tightened or your eyeglass prescription changed. You want to be comfortable during the test.
    6.2. Don't take your driving test. If you fail, you’ll be depressed; if you pass, you’ll be too elated to focus.
    6.3. Don't buy a new cell phone or upgrade your computer. You should spend this week staying healthy and focused on the test, not messing around with cool new gadgets.
    6.4. Don't ask somebody out on a date. Don't break up with anybody, either. You can bottle up those feelings for another week.
    6.5. Don’t instigate major arguments with friends or family. See 6.4.
    6.6. Don’t watch scary movies if they’ve caused you to lose sleep in the past. Rediscover Bambi.

The morning of the test

  1. Wake up two hours before you will start the test.

  2. Do 10 reading, 10 writing, and 10 math problems

  3. Eat a good breakfast:
  4. 3.1. Protein (eggs, sausage, scrambled tofu)
    3.2. Complex Carbs (whole wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice)
    3.3. Avoid sugars (cold cereal, pastries, muffins)
    3.4. Fruits and juices are fine
    3.5. Caffeine: drink it if you are used to it; test day is not the day to start or quit.

  5. Leave for the test in plenty of time. (Plan to arrive twenty minutes early so that you can use the restroom before the test, even if there’s a line.)

  6. Relax. You’re as prepared as you will be.

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